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We are 2 moms who are convinced that the Au pair experience is a great encounter that forever marks the au pair, family and children.

We left 15 years ago studying abroad because like you, we were curious and eager to discover other cultures. But we know that we can be quickly hindered by the difficulty of finding accommodation and a job to live this adventure well!

Today, as moms, we know that au pair is the ideal solution for young people who wish to go abroad in safe and reassuring conditions. We also know that it is the solution of families who dream of flexibility, openness to the world for their children and sharing.

That's why we created BUTRFLY, the first French platform for the Au Pairs who want to live their experience in France with confidence.

Our asset: To be the only specialist platform of the French market.

Our envy: to discover France in the best conditions au au pair and to make families the best ambassadors of their culture!

I am Manuela, mother of Albane 7 years and Leonie 5 years, I studied 1 year in Mexico (where I met Anne-Claire) and travelled extensively during my studies. Today I am an au pair host family for the fourth year. I want to give the best to my children in terms of education and I can not be out of school at 3:45 pm, working full time, to lead them to the piano, to dance or to drawing. I also want to introduce them to foreign languages. Teaching my children to open up to the world was a priority for me and we like to receive and open our house.


So the Au Pair experience has been an exceptional discovery for us. So strong and rich of meetings and sharing that I told myself that I could not keep it only for me because the experience is exceptional both for the AU Pair, as for the children, as for us parents. It is also beneficial because it contributes to a positive education, to learn more: visit our blog


I am Anne Claire, mother of 3 children: Gabriel 8 years old, Arthur 4 ans and Romane 3 years old. I live in Paris and for years I have the feeling of running after the subway but also after the time, between the work and the large family life.

I have accumulated the different modes of custody between the smallest in the crib, the nanny for the school outing and the babysitter of Saturday night knowing that I would have preferred to have the same person, this referent who becomes the anchor of my children!

With Manuela, we met when we were studying in Mexico 15 years ago and we are the very example that experience abroad forges strong and lasting friendships.

This is what we want to bring to the peers who come to France!'

Together we want to allow you to live the best experience in France.

Be greeted by generous families where quickly you will become the Big brother or the big sister of the family... the rest we let you live it and share it with us.

Manuela & Anne-Claire.


BUTRFLY, a more simple daily, a richer life, a more open world.


The heart of ButRfly beats for...

A simpler daily

We think that the idea of hosting an au pair at home deserves a little refreshment! With a hint of technical innovations and a good dose of listening to exactly meet the needs of young people and families, we invented ButRfly. No money exchange, simplified paperwork so that everyone can focus on the basics: Family life!

A richer Life

We know that hosting an au pair at home is an experience of incredible wealth for everyone. For the parents, it is the opportunity to better live their role and really enjoy the time spent with the family. For children, it is a new referent, available and really attentive to their needs from day to day. It is a more soothing life, to the chosen activities, which allows everyone to grow at their own pace. For the au pair, it is a unique experience that will make him mature, develop his skills and discover the world. A moment of life rich in emotion for everyone!

A more open world

The world is moving and it's good! The collaborative economy is a positive opportunity and ButRfly is the result. And in our changing world, we have a great ambition: to sow tolerance and humanism. For welcoming a stranger at home is one of the most beautiful forms of openness...