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  • Aged between 18 and 30 years old.
  • You are single and you have no children.
  • You love children and you have experience with child care.
  • The journey to your host family is at your own expenses.
  • Your language courses are at your own cost (we can help find organisations in the area).
  • If you are from outside of EU, you must have a Visa.


« Becoming an Au pair means choosing a safer and more secure way to travel, while acquiring new skills that will help you in your future both personnally and professionally. Through this experience you will get to know yourself better and make new friends ! »

Complicité Aupair Fille


Becoming an Au Pair provides you with the opportunity to travel and discover new cultures by living with a foreign family.
You have your own bedroom and a private or shared bathroom, you follow language courses and earn money.
In exchange you have to look after the children for 25 hours per week with a minimum of 1 day off per week.

You have plenty of free time to discover the country and meet new friends. You have one week paid holiday every 3 months.
To be an au pair is to accompany children in everyday tasks such as taking them to school and extra-curricular activities, helping with homework, babysitting (in the evening), bathing and light household tasks (emptying the dishwasher, preparing meals and dealing with the children's laundry).