• You have one or more children aged between 1 and 16 years.
  • Your Au Pair will be fed, housed and laundered throughout his stay.
  • A minimum of 9m2 private bedroom with a window to the outside will be made available for him/her.
  • You give her/him access to a private or shared bathroom.
  • You establish a proper contract with your Au Pair defining the length of stay and conditions and it must be forwarded to the competent authorities. We will help you with these procedures.
  • Your Au Pair’s salary or 'pocket money' is 90 euros minimum per week for 30h work.
  • You must give him at least one day off per week, preferably fixed, that has to be at least one Sunday in the month.
  • If the car is necessary, you will have to provide him/her with an insured one.
  • If the Au Pair is from a country outside the EU, a visa is required.
  • An Au pair participates in housework but can not be regarded as a housekeeper.
  • The Au Pair will have to follow language courses, close to home. We will provide a list of organizations and associations.
  • The round trip from his home country is the responsibility of the Au Pair and you can agree to participate.
  • The language courses are usually the responsibility of the Au Pair and you can participate.

Family conditions

An Au pair is a foreigner aged between 18 and 30 years with the objective of learning a new language and discover a new culture. She / he necessarily loves children!

« Above all, accept and consider your Au Pair as a member of your family! Communicate on what you expect from him/her and encourage him to share his feelings. The Au Pair you will welcome could be your child who will one day leave the cocoon to explore new horizons. So, open your door as you would open your arms to your child and the Au Pair will quickly becomes the big brother or big sister of the family. »