Become an au pair - What is an au pair?

Becoming an au pair, the adventure of your life

Au pairing is a great way to travel abroad in a safe and affordable way.

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Being an au pair (or au pair boy)

what is it?

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The missions of an au pair :

Taking children to school.

Play and talk with them.

✓ Do light household chores related to children (preparing meals, tidying the room...)

Driving children to after-school activities.

The life of an au pair :

An au pair from our agency takes care of children over 3 years old. As the children are often at school during the day, the au pair has a lot of free time. This time is used to do household chores, learn the language or visit.

The life of an au pair is about discovering a new country and a different culture. Fly to live this incredible experience immersed in a host family.

Becoming an au pair is a springboard for your future. Our community creates an international network. The bonds you will create on site will be strong and they will mark your life.

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Discover the world safely with our Agency.

The 3 reasons

to be an au pair:

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Exploring while being paid.

Choose among our 8 destinations abroad, go on an adventure while being paid between 70€ and 225€ / week.

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Becoming Bilingual.

Live in complete immersion in a family, and exchange daily with them in a new language.

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Enriching your background.

Improve your ability to adapt and surpass yourself. They will be useful for your personal life as well as for your career.

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Why go with Butrfly Agency?

Becoming an au pair is a big decision, that's why at Butrfly we accompany you from A to Z if you wish!


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Departure and arrival formalities


Online Community & Coaching.

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