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Become an Au Pair

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What does it mean to be an au pair?

Becoming an au pair means choosing a way to travel abroad that is safer and more secure when you are between 18 and 30 years old

As an au pair, you are immersed in a host family, you are housed, fed and cleaned. You receive pocket money and in exchange, you help your host family by taking care of the children

Becoming an au pair also means acquiring new skills that will help you in your future professional experiences. 

What is the au pair program?

The Au Pair program helps you to live an international experience with native families. Our host families are most of them French nationality, but they’re living in France. They’re looking for someone who helps them with kids. In exchange, the au pair is fed, housed, paid and from there, au pair can enjoy his / her life abroad discovering a new culture, visit France and learn a new language. Find out who our au pair families are.

What are the requirements to become an au pair?

To be an au pair, you have to fill a few conditions according to the au pair program requirements.

You must be between 18 and 30. Depending on our au pair agency experience, don't wait to your 29th birthday to want to be an au pair. It's going to be really tough for you to find a host family, and you may be disappointed in this case.

You need to know how to speak French and / or English. Au pair families can precise on their profile that they prefer an au pair who speaks Spanish, or they can indicate the language level they want as well.

You must have your baccalaureate (high school degree, A Level) or an equivalent.

You must have an eligible nationality to the au pair program in France.

You need to have some experiences with children (with reference letters as well).

Find out all the conditions to be an au pair.

Why leaving as an au pair through an agency?

Because leaving your home country for a foreign one is not an easy thing. Your life is going to straight change. You need to know who is really your host family, what they want from you, ... All the details you probably would not know if you don't leave through an agency.

Plus, leaving via an agency guarantees the quality of our family profiles (only premium profiles) as we accompany them in the recruitment of an au pair. This is a guarantee of security for you as well. 

At Butrfly agency, we want to help you to enjoy your au pair experience as much as possible, finding the best match for you. Find out how our services work.

Watch the Edwina's video from Au Pair, Oh Paris who breaks down some reasons to go through an au pair agency.

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How much does it cost to become an au pair?

By becoming an au pair or au pair boy, you have a unique opportunity to travel economically.

The au pair program allows you to be immersed in a different country and culture at a lower cost. Your host family (sometimes even your insurance depending on the country) will cover the costs of accommodation and food. You receive pocket money which allows you to travel and also to take language courses if you wish (and thus obtain a diploma attesting to your level).

The support of an agency will also allow you to answer all your questions, to prepare your journey as well as possible and to ensure you of a follow-up and assistance in the event of problem.

Costs to keep in mind :

  • ✔ The plane ticket
  • ✔ Visa fees, if needed
  • ✔ Travel insurance if not covered by the family

Butrfly Guarantees


Possibility to choose your host family freely


Coverage of health insurance by the family if you come to France


Assistance in case of problems during your stay

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