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circle 21/02/2024 13:00

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More information about “au pairing” ⬇️

What does it mean to be a host family? What are the requirements to host an au pair?

So many questions you can have about the Au Pair Program. To give you some good bases, the program is an 🌎 international agreement to help culture and linguistics exchange around the world. Set up between some countries, there are rules au pairs and host families have to meet to be part of the program.

An au pair 🍼 lives with a host family between 1 and 12 months (it could be more depending on the host country). They are hosted, fed and paid in return for helping the family with childcare and some light household chores. To become an au pair, a youth has to meet some requirements:

• Be between 18 and 30.

• Speak French and / or English.

• Have your high school degree.

• Be eligible for the Au Pair Program.

✅ As the same for becoming a host family, you have to fulfil conditions.

According to the host country, the conditions could be different.

🔎 For 30 minutes, we are going to explain to you, everything you should know about being a host family. Get ready your questions, take a pen 🖊️ and notebook for notes. If you want, you can grab a cup of tea (or coffee) as well 🍵.

The webinar is to talk about your plan to host an au pair, ask our team your questions, and exchange directly with other families!

See you there 👋